We are a multi-cultural team    with the same mission

Words from our founder

"I'm super proud of finally bringing to Berlin a new and beautiful space for all internationals whom ever felt their style misunderstood.

I believe that communication is the key to getting your true style out into the world.

My mission is to warmly welcome you to our space, listen to your ideas, and make them reality in the smoothest way possible!"

Roberta Dabed aus Chile

Founder, Renasanz Salon

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Words from the owner

Roberta DABED
Co-Founder, Master Hairdresser
4 principles that
guide our salon

Principle 1

Beauty comes from within, feeling good is supported by personal care
Principle 2
The individual good is essential to the good of the community
Principle 3
Trend informs us – doesn’t define us!
Principle 4
We communicate clearly

Our Space

Spacious & efficacious
Bright is all right
Unique & sleek
Good location avoid dehydration
Let’s make your hairstyle memorable